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      Full Name: RamCBirth Date: 1993/04/13Place Of Birth: St. Gallen

      Best Known For

      DJ RamC (born 13 April 1993 St. Gallen, Switzerland, actually Ramón Casutt) was from an early age inspired by music, because music is in his blood. His father tours together with his blues band Tears For Beers through Switzerland. When he first set a foot in a nightclub, he realized that he one day wants to inspire the audience and rock those crowds.

      So he bought with all his savings two turntables and a mixer and tried real hard. Every day after school he practiced. When he was 15 years old, he already had his first job as a resident DJ in a local discotheque. Three years later, at the age of 18 he played three residencies in Switzerland and guest sets in many different venues.

      Meanwhile, RamC is touring every week through Switzerland, Austria, Germany. He plays over 100 gigs each year. He could already play alongside some renowned artists like DJs From Mars, Nicky Romero, Nervo, Glamrock Brothers, Yolanda Be Cool, Craig David, Remady, Whiteside and DJ Antoine.

      DJ RamC is well known for his massive big room sets. His mixture of progressive-, electro-, and deep-house is terrific. When he was 19 years old he released his first single called “Dawn” with remixes by Slin Project, The Apple Trees and Alekk. The record was published on Diamond Records. He won many supporters of his track just like Dada Life, DJ Cruz, Nicky Romero and Danny Avila. His single was also featured on two of the most successful dance compilations “Fuck The DJ” which reached #2 in the swiss album charts and “Swiss DJ Hereos” which reached #3. In 2012 he became more success with his monthly Podcast “First Class House From Miami”. The Podcast reached over 15’000 downloads at iTunes store. At the end of 2012 he also launched his second Podcast „Ibiza Madness”. In 2013 RamC hooked up with the German singer Tommy Clint to produce a few singles which will be published in 2014. Also in 2013 RamC decided to sign to the successful DJ agency “East Swiss Movement” after managing himself year after year. Their roster includes acts like Rico Bernasconi, Tom Pulse, Tonka amd Frisco Disco.
      However, RamC rocks the crowd like no one else.

      Streetparade (CH)
      K-Shake (A)
      Eventhaus (A)
      Sender Club (A)
      Nachtschicht (A)
      Dance Palace (D)
      Top 10 (D)
      Soho Club (LI)
      Kraftwerk (D)
      M Club (LUX)
      Club Liv (AUS)
      East 88 (AUS)
      Jet Club (NZ)
      Fu Club (NZ)
      Kaufleuten, Zurich (CH)
      84 Club, Zurich (CH)
      Adagio Club, Zurich (CH)
      Carlton, Zurich (CH)
      Elephant, St.Gallen (CH)
      Trischli, St.Gallen (CH)
      Diamonds, St. Moritz (CH)
      Vivai, St.Moritz (CH)
      Garden Club (CH)
      Casablanca Club (CH)
      Galleria (CH)
      Cave (CH)
      St.Tropez Club (CH)
      Global Vision (CH)
      St.Gallerfest (CH)
      Kugl Club (CH)
      Flon (CH)
      Talhof (CH)
      Marktleuten Club (CH)
      Maag Event Hall (CH)
      Härterei (CH)
      Club Diagonal (CH)
      Cheers Club (CH)
      Dancehall, Winterthur (CH)
      Dancehall, Brugg (CH)
      Dancehall, Islikon (CH)
      Helvetia Club (CH)
      Fellini Club (CH)
      Nachtstern Club (CH)

    ReleasesLatest releases

    • 1150-430
      Sights & Sounds Number of tracks : 2

      Album Name: Sights & Sounds

      Composer: Anitek

      Release Date: 2012/12/24

      Genre: Electronic


      Aliquam aliquam pretium odio non semper. Aenean vel bibendum mauris. Nulla pellentesque, tellus a placerat consequat, mi mi varius mauris, eu pretium eros velit eget metus. Phasellus viverra nisl quis mi tincidunt, interdum sagittis libero bibendum.


      1. The Girl 00:02:20

      2. In My Dreams 00:02:57

    • 1150-430
      Halloween Number of tracks : 2

      Album Name: Halloween

      Composer: jamfrancois

      Release Date: 2013/12/17

      Genre: rock


      hasellus vehicula congue sapien ut dictum. Phasellus eleifend, nisi ut scelerisque tristique, nisi sapien lacinia sem, faucibus rutrum orci sem a dolor. Nunc vel aliquam quam, in rutrum enim. Nullam eu varius massa. Nulla elementum neque in enim aliquam blandit.


      1. Bombay Ruby –… 00:01:40

      2. The Dotted Line 00:01:16

    • 1150-430
      Explore the world Number of tracks : 2

      Album Name: Explore the world

      Composer: Tymono

      Release Date: 2011/05/30

      Genre: Bass


      Quisque pretium nunc ac ante faucibus varius. Maecenas tristique auctor magna eu interdum. Aenean mollis, turpis in ullamcorper auctor, augue dui convallis mauris, eu cursus ligula turpis vel leo. Nam nec imperdiet mi, et scelerisque mauris. Donec varius sit amet mauris luctus egestas.


      1. The Better Way 00:02:13

      2. In The Mistai 00:02:53

    • 1150-430
      The Better Way Number of tracks : 3

      Album Name: The Better Way

      Composer: Rock Band LM

      Release Date: 2013/02/05

      Genre: piano


      Nam feugiat quam ac augue volutpat, et suscipit purus bibendum. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Suspendisse quis odio diam. Maecenas faucibus mauris et nulla tincidunt, in lobortis nibh consequat. Praesent ut sapien sit amet tortor dictum convallis. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas. Duis neque diam, dignissim vitae elit sit amet, convallis eleifend nulla


      1. Here We Go 00:02:15

      2. Easily 00:00:58

      3. Aller De L_Avant 00:01:27

    • 1150-430
      Across The Sky Number of tracks : 3

      Album Name: Across The Sky

      Composer: Sweet play

      Release Date: 2013/11/27

      Genre: Electronic


      orem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus et interdum lacus. Mauris faucibus purus ut massa lacinia, a congue lectus pellentesque. Phasellus vitae vestibulum orci. Etiam magna erat, interdum in luctus sed, porta nec risus. Sed condimentum vitae elit ac imperdiet. Nunc a neque quis sapien venenatis gravida sit amet id urna. Curabitur nec nulla blandit, tincidunt nulla vel, aliquam nibh. Donec condimentum nisl eu pellentesque sagittis.


      1. Beautiful In White 00:02:42

      2. The Hatcher 00:01:08

      3. Nothing Reacted 00:01:24

    • 1150-430
      How Fast Number of tracks : 8

      Album Name: How Fast

      Composer: CloZee

      Release Date: 2013/08/13

      Genre: rock


      Donec sodales non nulla nec lobortis. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. In in orci lorem. Quisque varius porta nisi, eget tempus lacus lobortis ut. Integer ut arcu sed elit rutrum egestas. Praesent non nunc felis. Aliquam hendrerit, felis eget rhoncus commodo, augue ipsum porta erat, eu fermentum neque ipsum sit amet enim. Fusce a ipsum eget mauris tempor congue ut a ante. Morbi pharetra scelerisque sapien in eleifend. Morbi pellentesque cursus eros. Morbi placerat, sapien non pharetra dignissim, sem sapien vulputate quam, ac malesuada dolor dolor quis erat. Cras imperdiet neque erat, iaculis eleifend metus lacinia vel.


      1. Tears of a Smile 00:02:34

      2. Eyes In Eyes (feat. LF) 00:02:10

      3. Enjoy Your Time 00:02:15

      4. Freedom 00:02:51

      5. Dubious EP 00:02:55

      6. Silver Wound 00:05:34

      7. Hidden Personality 00:02:12

      8. Between Worlds 00:00:51

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